Yello Mixer - Jamaica Food & Drink Festival
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Yello Mixer

Yello Mixer

JFDF Platinum Sponsor ‘Yello’ hosted an Ambassadors’ Mixer event at the Spanish Court Hotel on September 26th where several of the festival’s influencers and ticket ambassadors were invited to mix and mingle amongst each other while being wined and dined by the likes of some of Jamaica’s most renowned chefs. The invitees were also engaged about what to expect at each of the 7 JFDF events, to be held over 6 days at 7 iconic venues across Kingston, commencing Saturday, October 21st.

Some of the influencers and ambassadors in attendance were Kaci Fennell-Shirley, “Where’s the Food Jo”, Leighton Facey, Allison Smalling and Tara Bradshaw, to name a few.

Pink Apron Chef, Charissa Henry undoubtedly swooned guests with her delectable Tandoori Chicken Drumette with Mango Chutney and Mint Raita, and Sous Vide Spiced Pork Loin over Parmesan Polenta bites topped with roasted Mexican corn salsa.

Also on board was the Spanish Court Hotel with their scrumptious crispy fish fingers, callaloo quiche and tomato bruschetta, as well as a variety of mouthwatering wines and cheeses.

Tru-Juice ensured to keep the patrons well hydrated throughout the Mixer, serving up a seemingly never-ending supply of their refreshing Apple, Fruit Punch and Orange-Pineapple fruit juices.

Chef Dawn ‘DC Desserts’ Mitchell was also present to guarantee that the guests did not depart without having their ‘sweet tooths’ sated. She successfully tantalized their palettes with her Mondrian cake, White chocolate oreo mousse on a chocolate covered oreo, and a red velvet cream cheese coconut roulade – YUM!

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