Save the date: The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival — October 28-31 - Jamaica Food & Drink Festival
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Save the date: The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival — October 28-31

Save the date: The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival — October 28-31

Alicia Bogues, brand manager CB Foods, tells us why…

As a brand, Jamaica resonates with international audiences well beyond its actual square footage – our music, our speak, our creativity, our food, all continue to grab global attention.

The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival was inspired by this audacious, pervasive cultural energy that has translated into the bold flavours of our cuisine and the pungent, heady sensibilities of our spirits.

We already have events with global reach that celebrate our music, films and fashion, even our herbs. So we thought, why not showcase our gastronomic ingenuity and boost our tourism product while we’re at it, by adding to our ever growing list of Jamaican festivals? And voila! The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival was born.

What’s On The Menu?

– Over 30 celebrated chefs and culinary personalities representing the gamut of the Jamaican gastronomic experience.

– Six delectable gourmet events to tantalise the tastes, all inspired by culinary ingenuity.

– Experience six completely novel events to Jamaica that celebrate innovative themes, such as “Fried Anything,” “Everything Swine” including desserts, “Food on Wheels” and “Entrees on Sticks”. It’s affordable, too! (Price point starts at 4,000 to 7,500).

– Five breathtakingly transformed Kingston venues. Be prepared to be blown away by the ability of our local talent to transform, while using the natural palettes of what the city has to offer.

– Four incredible, flavour-filled days. Come out, pick your poison and lyme with friends, share new memories.

– An unforgettable experience.

– Support a Jamaican industry that has the potential to give Jamaica international recognition, enhance the tourism product and increase foreign exchange earnings.

– Reposition Kingston as a destination city: A revival of the “Real” Jamaica… So we want tourists to head to Kingston to experience Jamaica at its most authentic. Kingston is, after all, home to the majority of the population and at the centre business, culture and food.

– We are more than reggae music, sun, sand and sea. We boast some of the finest culinary talents, and they will all be right here.

– Reinvigoration of not just the food scene, but overall night life/social offerings.

– Really good food.

– Really, really good food.

– Really, really, really great food.

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