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Jamaica Food and Drink Festival is adding a little magic into its secret sauce this year!

From November 24th – December 5th, JFDF will launch the Caribbean’s newest culinary experience and the first of its kind in Jamaica, JFD Kitchens! JFDF2021 ‘In D’Kitchen’, will be a series of vibesy interactive food + beverage events all hosted at the brand new JFD Kitchen.

Talk about a game changer, JFD Kitchens will boast a Gourmet Market, Mixology Counter and fully equipped Studio Kitchen and Entertainment Deck, located in the buzzy gastronomy belt of Kingston 6….no better place for JFDF patrons to revel in the aromas, tastes and textures from Jamaica’s best for it’s 2021 staging.

24 spirited events will unfold over 12 days—just enough time to soak in all the vibrant flavours and remember what it feels like to live again…in JFDF style.

There is something at Festival for everyone; Cooking + Cocktail Classes, Interactive Nights Out, Spirited Seminars, Brunch and even Kids Classes! Jamaica Food & Drink Festival may be different this year but still full of excitement!

So, if you’re in the mood to throw on an apron and learn some new techniques, or simply crave a decadent night out, JFDF2021 In D’Kitchen is the place for you!

Flavour. Vibes. Kingston!

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