A Sneak Taste - Jamaica Food & Drink Festival
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A Sneak Taste

A Sneak Taste

With mere weeks to go before the premier staging of the Jamaica Food & Drink Festival Drink-Nyam-Jam, the conceptualisers, CB Foods Group, invited food enthusiasts and sponsors for a sneak taste — in the well-appointed Rio Bueno Suite of the Jamaica Pegasus hotel — from a few of the festival’s top chefs. Although raining cats and dogs on the outside the rustic-chic tabletop setting created by New Levels Decor added summer warmth whilst the first tasting a four-pork tonkatsu ramen soup supplied the requisite comfort to those who had braved the afternoon’s torrential downpour. By the final forkful of Chocolate Dreams’ palate-stirring white chocolate cheesecake topped with salty caramel, all calendars were cleared for what is shaping up to be a gastronomical nod to Kingston. With limited tickets that are moving very quickly Thursday Life suggests you get yours now @jamaicafoodanddrinkfestival.com.


Matthew Hogarth, attorney-at-law – I like that you added some of the bacon for texture; and that it’s a [full] meal.

Debra Taylor, Select Brands trade development manager – This is something I feel like I could make at home.

After a query as to why everyone was quiet by Simon Levy, Danville Walker, Jamaica Observer Limited managing director, responded: Your mother never tell you not to eat with food in your mouth?

OPA Alexx Antaeus – STIX & STONES

Kotosouvlaki (Greek styled chicken breast stix) Gyros (ground lamb stix), Tzatziki (yogurt, cucumber, garlic dip), Octapodi (grilled octopus stix)


Nicola Dawson-Watson, sales manager at Gas Products Limited – Is that mint? I like the fusion of the flavours in the lamb.

Matthew Hogarth, attorney-at-law – Have you arranged a wheelbarrow to take us out?

Jacqui Tyson – STIX & STONES

A taste of savoury and sweet crêpes – savoury chicken, lobster and shrimp crêpe, paired with raspberry, strawberry and blueberry crêpes with crushed nuts, whipped cream, peaches, chocolate syrup.


Alicia Bogues, CB Foods Brand Manager – “That one finished too quickly!”

Allison Porter Smalling – STIX & STONES

Lamb skewers served with herb crusted Dijon mustard served with squash croquettes stuffed with ricotta and Mozzarella cheese


Matthew Hogarth, attorney-at-law – The skewers add character. Well done Allison!

Terry Shaw, NCB corporate affairs manager – I like the Dijon mustard sauce.

Nicola Dawson-Watson, sales manager, Gas Products Limited – LOVE the squash ball, it’s simple, but [tasty].

Celeste Gordon – RED, WHITE & YOU

Beef tenderloin with a rosemary balsamic reduction, shaved Parmesan and spinach polenta


Patrick Lee, director of Lee’s Food Fair – The steak has a nutty texture; it’s filling and quite scrumptious.

NMW – Celeste never disappoints.

Pink Apron Executive Chef Charissa Henry – CRISP – FRIED FARE & BEER

Arancini ball with marinara sauce and bang bang shrimp with garlic chili aioli


Debra Taylor, Select Brands Trade Development Manager – I’m interested to taste the Asian/Mexican creations you have up your sleeves.

Chocolate Dreams – STIX & STONES

White chocolate cheesecake topped with a choice of salty caramel or chocolate ganache and whipped cream, garnished with chocolate.


Mark Haskins, CB Group Limited CEO – Do you have a take-home, plate ma’am?

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