What to Expect - Jamaica Food & Drink Festival
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What to Expect

7 Amazing Events, 6 Incredible Days

From October 21 to 29 Kingston’s fierce cultural energy comes alive. The country’s commercial HQ cranks up the heat, literally, firing up the grills and setting the cityscape ablaze with anticipation.


Experience the vibrant flavours of our cosmopolitan cuisine, partake in the pungent, heady sensibilities of our spirits, and revel in the masterpiece that is our uniquely Jamaican vibe.


Indulge your curiosity… Taste The Vibe


The Jamaica Food & Drink Festival is a melting pot of fine liquors and foods, top Jamaican DJs and live entertainment, culinary mastery and more. It’s six days of diverse, all-inclusive gastronomic exploits – a weekend plus to indulge when your biggest decision will be, “How can I choose which events to attend? The correct decision is, of course, to do them all. YOLO.

Over 45 celebrated
chefs and culinary

7 world class
food events.

6 incredible,

7 iconic Kingston

1 unforgettable

Tickets are
now on sale.